It has taken me some time to write you a proper thank you. We were shocked to see your men had already came and replaced the tree that morning when I received your email about watering it. We didn’t even hear them out there. Such a beautiful tree! I promise I will keep up watering and check to make sure the dirt stays in place around it. I also put bark around the bottom.

It has been such a pleasure doing business with you. Buying the trees and getting them put in was so easy and hassle free. I was also impressed with your employee who was in charge. He was very nice last year and then again when I saw and spoke to him this year. Then of course how you replace our tree and with such a beautiful one. Really it’s hard to find business owners like you. I wish you the best in your business. If you ever need a reference I would be happy to help you out. Just let me know.

Thank you

With Gods blessings,


― Sherry – IL – May 2018