is a family-owned and operated nursery with operations in Michigan and Illinois. Our experienced staff includes experts in both growing and planting. Spruce Trees Direct has over 25 years of combined experience and has planted over 25,000 trees on residential and commercial sites. In 2003, we decided to expand our business to the Chicago suburbs. Our goal was and continues to be, saving people from paying the outrageous prices that local landscapers are charging. At Spruce Trees Direct, we dig, deliver, and plant all of our trees. By doing this, we eliminate any middleman. This allows us to offer the highest quality product at the best possible price.

The experienced staff at understand the importance of tree positioning to enhance your landscape design. For example, this staggered design is best when a natural fencing or screening look is desired. Corner groupings are also a nice way to add beauty and privacy to your home.

You get it all when you deal DIRECT!  

  • Project ConsultationIMG_0201
  • Locating Utilities
  • Quality 8’ – 16’ Trees
  • Experienced staff
  • Tree care consultation
  • Tree Warranty
  • “DIRECT” Pricing

Our services include:

  • Superior Trees
  • Experienced Staff
  • Great Prices!

We are committed to your complete satisfaction; let us help you add beauty to your yard. Please call 1-866-560-1921 or Email us to submit the requirements of your project.