Property Improvement
Spruce and Arborvitae Trees add natural beauty and value to any project location. Let us help you enhance your landscaping and add value to your home. The beauty of a well-planted property and its surrounding neighborhood can raise property values by as much as 15 percent. Proper planting also creates spectacular views and gives a place unique character and beauty that can only be found in that specific place.

According to the Dept. of Natural Resources, rows of trees and shrubs planted on the west and north sides of your house can reduce your heating bill by up to 20 percent.  A windbreak planted along your property’s boundary line provides wind protection that no manufactured fence can offer. Spruce trees can mask concrete walls, parking lots, and other unsightly views all year around. They muffle sound from nearby streets and neighbors and create an eye-soothing screen of green.

Today planting trees becomes increasingly important because our natural environment is shrinking as we expand our urban areas.  Trees are essential to nature; they improve the appearance of our landscapes and can provide us with sustainable resources. Mixed plantings of trees and shrubs provide excellent cover for various animals, large and small. Birds of all species, including songbirds, seek the protection that the plantings of trees and shrubs provide. Studies show that windbreaks and shelterbelts, even in urban areas, can supply a wildlife habitat providing the necessary food and shelter. 

Spruce Trees Direct is the best source for your Spruce and Arborvitae Trees; let us help you add privacy and beauty to your landscaping. Please call 1-866-560-1921 or Email us to submit the requirements of your project.