Road Screening

We created a nice screen from the road by using some 9 foot Norway Spruce trees.

12 Foot Arborvitae

We provided some real nice privacy using these beautiful 12 foot arborvitae

Fence Screen

We screened off a wooden fence by utilizing Norway Spruce Trees

New Homes

We created a beautiful natural screen for new homes using Norway Spruce

Backyard Screen

Create a private backyard using Norway Spruce Trees  

Privacy Hedge

On this new construction, we used Emerald Green Arborvitae to create a screen

New Homes Screen

Provide screen for new home in a residential development using emerald green arborvitae

Instant Privacy

We created immediate privacy for this backyard by planting 20 foot Techny Arborvitaes and 12 foot Spruce Trees

Road Noise

Just completed a job in Allendale Michigan with some awesome 12 foot Arborvitaes to help eliminate road noise and provide privicy Before After