Planting Time 2019

We have been busy this spring digging some beautiful trees, the planting season is off to a great start. We have a great inventory for you, stop at one of our lot locations and pick out your trees today and we will get you on our schedule. Give us a call (1-866-560-1921) or Email us if you have questions or for special pricing on larger orders.

5 thoughts on “Planting Time 2019

  1. The trees that I received are not as nice as the trees I picked out. We talked about which trees I wanted but didn’t get those. Next planting I will have to tag them. Your guys did a nice install. Thanks

    1. Hi Phillip,
      We certainly apologize if you did not get the correct trees, please email me a picture of the trees to We would like to work with you to figure out a solution, we do recommend tagging the trees in the future if you see something you like.


  2. You seem to run a good business, but a one year guarantee just wont cut it. I know I’ll pay more for a 3 year guarantee but it’s cheap insurance. A tree can look great for a year then start dropping needles, curling branches, and just plain looking bad even with proper care and planting. My 2C…

    1. Thank you Heff, we appreciate your feedback. I would like to offer a longer tree warranty but then the trees would have to be priced higher. One year is pretty much an industry standard, if a tree is transplanted incorrectly it typically symptoms would show up the first year. The tree industry is a little different than purchasing an extended warranty for your appliance or vehicle as the care of the trees plays a big part in its survival. Thanks again for your comments.

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